Whisperers of Lore: Theterm’s Life, the third book in this series, finds Theterm, a Whisperer of Lore, helping defend Storality against a new threat from old allies. Dack and Lucan rally support to help rescue their friends that have been captured and imprisoned. Fixx and Maggie discover the fate of their world as the Alkaskre move in to destroy those that are helping Theterm.

In Whisperers of Lore: Theterm’s Life, Theterm will reveal to everyone the mistakes he’s made and how far he’s willing to go to implement a final solution. With Laird and Jory once again in his life, how will that change Theterm’s decisions? Whisperers of Lore: Theterm’s Life is a story about how one’s life can be changed for the better when examined from within.

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Whisperers of Lore - Theterm’s Life